Q1. How can I add my own music or audio to the video?

You can add your own music or audio by select taping “change music”, then select “My Music”. You can choose song from your own library and add it to your video.
Tip: Do not use copyrighted music if you wish to upload it to social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.

Q2. What do you mean by "Attibution required" when sharing video?

Some Music in our collection are licensed under Creative-Commons(CC). It means that you need to attribute the creator of the music in appropriate way, when sharing the video on social media platform. Rest assured, these music are completely free!

Q3. What is the different modes?

Music Mode - where you can choose a music from library or collection

Sing Mode - where you sing or talk

Q4. Why the exported video has low quality?

By default, we enable our users to export video in 720p. However, if you still seeing low quality end output video, it could be caused by your original video resolution or screen resolution. For instance, if your screen resolution is 480p, then you cannot export video with greater 480p resolution.

Q5. Why the video quality becomes poor after uploaded to social media platforms?

So social media platforms will compress the uploaded videos, which may deteriorated the video quality.

Q6. Why I can’t upload my video to Facebook or YouTube.

All of our music is copyrighted-free and we reached out the artist and got approval of using it on SnapMusical.
So it could be you using copyrighted materials (song, logo, watermark, etc.) to your video. Please avoid using such materials if you wish to upload it to social media platforms. Those platforms will notify you the reminder usually.

Q7. The speed of exporting the video is too slow.

The speed of exporting the video is depending on the phone’s hardware. We will keep improving the performace, as we publish new updates.

Q8. How can I share my video to my friends or upload it to social media?

Once you finished creating your video, you will be take to to “Share Video” Screen, where you have options to share across various social media platforms

Q9. Where will my video saved to?

Your video will be saved to /storage/emulated/0/Movies/SnapMusical

Q10. How can I get in touch with SnapMusical?

You can send us any feedback to snapmusicalapp@gmail.com You are also welcome to join Facebook Group (SnapMusical Community) where you can share your ideas, videos with other SnapMusical’s fans. Also, like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Q11. How can I remove SnapMusical watermark?

You cannot remove the Watermark's as of now! We are working on it and soon publish an update to do so.